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Dayum, that site is fast

Here's this week's showcase of the best performing websites, according to Google's PageSpeed Insights Tool...

1. habeicheigentlicheinenmigrationshintergrund.de

A pretty random site this week, helping Germans find out if they are likely to have an immigrant background. Scoring 99% on both mobile and desktop, and 100% for mobile UX, @Cenk has done a phenominal job! Dayum, that site is fast.

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Here's a mix of some good reads this week on web performance...

PUSH, the post GET paradigm by @_munter_

A nice overview to get us excited about using SPDY/HTTP2, the new, faster protocol for serving our websites.

My Performance Audit Workflow by @aerotwist

Paul Lewis gives a nice and clear overview of how to do web performance analysis.

HTTP Keepalive Connections and Web Performance by @nginxorg

A good introduction to HTTP and Keepalive Connections, investigating how HTTP operates and how common HTTP servers process HTTP transactions.

jsDelivr – The advanced open source public CDN by @jimaek

jsDelivr is a free and open source CDN created to help developers and webmasters. There are no popularity restrictions and all kinds of files are allowed, including JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, CSS frameworks, fonts and more.

The Psychology of Waiting, Loading Animations, and Facebook by @seekbus

When an app is loading & you use a custom loading indicator, users think the app is slow—showing a standard spinny, they blame their phone.


Grab a coffee, pretend to do some work, but secretly watch these awesome videos...

Speed, Performance, and Human Perception by @igrigorik

A keynote talk from Fluent conference this month. Ilya Grigorik showiong us that there is more to performance than milliseconds, kilobytes, and frames per second.

The Critical Path by @paul_irish

Paul Irish reveals the magic numbers behind page load times.


A pretty random mix of tools related to web performance, found this week...

SVG Editor and Optimizer by @Aleatoric

A really handy jQuery based SVG editing and optimizing tool, with tons of options, aiming to slash bytes off your SVG files.

#webperf Tweeps

Here's who to follow this week for the best #webperf tweets...

1. Ilya Grigorik @igrigorik

Developer Advocate at Google, working on everything web performance related. Protocols, standards, browser performance...

2. Dmitriy A. @jimaek

Working for MaxCDN. In love with technology, high performance and fast web.

Hope you enjoyed the newsletter. Until next week, let's keep making the internet faster for everyone!

- Andy Shora @andyshora

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