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Nothin but huge #webperf fails!

It's Friday, so here's a few massive #webperf LOLZ. But let's be nice and assume the developers have no control over what gets spat out to the browser on any of these sites...

1. NBCNews

Seriously, wow. Here's a sample news article from NBCNews, which loads resources from most cities around the world to deliver you a story. 389 requests = LOL


Here's a mix of some good reads this week on web performance...

Web Performance Best Practices by @google‎

These rules are general front-end best practices you can apply at any stage of web development.

Sites that deliver Images using gzip/deflate encoding by @Pganti

Analysing which sites are incorrectly using gzip/deflate for their images.

How GZIP Compression Works by @raulfraile

Wrote a post about how GZIP works and how to enable it on web servers.

7 Mobile Web Performance Myths Debunked by @tameverts

There are a handful of assumptions that frequently come up when we read and talk about mobile performance. In this article, Tammy Everts reviews and debunks a few common myths.

#webperf Tweeps

Here's who to follow this week for the best #webperf tweets...

1. Chris Ruppel @rupl

Web Chef at FourKitchens. I like stretching the limits of CSS and making sites load fast on your phone. Working on my German accent.

2. Volkan Özçelik @linkibol

I have been, and I still am, involved with the dynamic medium of web communities and startups.

Hope you enjoyed the newsletter. Until next week, let's keep making the internet faster for everyone!

- Andy Shora @andyshora

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