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Dayum, that site is fast

Here's this week's showcase of the best performing websites, according to Google's PageSpeed Insights Tool...

1. http://www.akqa.com/

AKQA's redesign is not just beautiful in appearance, it scores a massive 92% on desktop, and 98% at mobile UX. Hats off! Dayum, that site is fast.

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Nothin but huge #webperf fails!

It's Friday, so here's a few massive #webperf LOLZ. But let's be nice and assume the developers have no control over what gets spat out to the browser on any of these sites...

1. BBC News Special - The Reykjavik Confessions

This parallaxy, scrolly, image-heavy article/story seems pretty detached from the BBC's normal lightweight responsive approach to the web. The story is interesting, but the content is rich enough to keep you waiting for ages for it to load. Maybe it was part of the plan to build up a bit of suspense over the 40 seconds you're left waiting? 104 requests = LOL


Here's a mix of some good reads this week on web performance...

Web Performance Monitor by @gauntface

gauntface shows us a pretty awesome dashboard for continuously testing out the performance of his site!

What Every Frontend Developer Should Know About Webpage Rendering by @skutinru

An overview of how browsers render a web page and what they do to optimize rendering.

Why is the web so slow on my mobile device? by @lmacvittie

Featured tweet - a nice simple summary showing the reasons why websites load slower on mobile devices.


Grab a coffee, pretend to do some work, but secretly watch these awesome videos...

Netflix JavaScript Talks - Scale and Performance of a Large JavaScript Application by @innerhtml

In this talk, Matt Seeley discusses the development approaches used at Netflix to build the JavaScript applications.

Netflix JavaScript Talks - Async JavaScript with Reactive Extensions by @innerhtml

In this talk, you'll learn how Netflix uses the Reactive Extensions (Rx) library to build responsive user experiences that strive to be event-driven, scalable and resilient.

Getting Your PageSpeed Score Up by @gauntface

PageSpeed Insights is a great way for developers to check how their site performs out in the wild, but how do you actually improve your score if it's not what you were expecting?

#webperf Tweeps

Here's who to follow this week for the best #webperf tweets...

1. Matt Seeley @innerhtml

Plex software developer.

2. Jafar Husain @jhusain

Cross-Team Technical Lead for the Netflix UIs

3. Matt Gaunt @gauntface

Developer Advocate for Chrome at Google


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Here's a Twitter list of everyone featured in this week's newsletter:

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- Andy Shora @andyshora

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