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Dayum, that site is fast

Here's this week's showcase of the best performing websites, according to Google's PageSpeed Insights Tool...

1. http://www.smashingmagazine.com

For such a huge site with tons of traffic, hats off to the SmashingMag team for achieving great scores for mobile and desktop, and a massive 99% for Mobile UX! Dayum, that site is fast.

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Nothin but huge #webperf fails!

It's Friday, so here's a few massive #webperf LOLZ. But let's be nice and assume the developers have no control over what gets spat out to the browser on any of these sites...

1. Fox News

Taking three seconds to even start rendering, and a massive 12 seconds to download the 277 requests required to load the homepage, Fox News are doing their bit to help destroy the web. It's debatable whether taking this long to read their news is a good thing for the world, but in terms of webperf, it's a massive fail. 277 requests = LOL


Here's a mix of some good reads this week on web performance...

When Design Best Practices Become Performance Worst Practices by @tameverts

Slides from Tammy's webperf talk, in which the focus was on what happens when long-held design conventions turn out to be performance liabilities.

How we make RWD sites load fast as heck by @scottjehl

In this post, Scott outlines some recent observations and approaches to delivering sites for speed and broader access, and links out to various tools he is using to facilitate the approach.

Performance Budgeting With Grunt by @tkadlec

Tim has made a brilliant tool which allows you to specify a performance budget, a minimum performance score your website must achieve on WebPageTest during the build.

You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy by @firt

You are losing users and probably money if responsive web design is your entire goal and your only solution for mobile.


Grab a coffee, pretend to do some work, but secretly watch these awesome videos...

Silky smooth Web Animations by @alexanderdanilo

The Web Animations engine is one of the core features used by the Polymer project. This session explains the model, the new APIs, how to use them and shows real world examples of how to integrate them into your sites now.

#webperf Tweeps

Here's who to follow this week for the best #webperf tweets...

1. Scott Jehl @scottjehl

Full snack developer at Filament Group. Writing at responsiblerwd. Hopefully outside right now.

2. Tim Kadlec @tkadlec

A web developer living in Wisconsin. Author of Implementing Responsive Design.

3. Alex Danilo @alexanderdanilo

Voracious technology sponge, can't get enough of the digital world - and give it back


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Here's a Twitter list of everyone featured in this week's newsletter:

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- Andy Shora @andyshora

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