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Nothin but huge #webperf fails!

It's Friday, so here's a few massive #webperf LOLZ. But let's be nice and assume the developers have no control over what gets spat out to the browser on any of these sites...

1. The Verge - Apple Watch Review

Perhaps a weird combination of good engineering a design fail. A nice review some said, but I stopped counting when the download passed 12Mb. Check out the cost link, on mobile this page costs a few dollars to read in some countries! What's crazy is, they tried to optimize it. The devs are probably pretty decent, it's the design that fails the web. 327 requests = LOL


Here's a mix of some good reads this month on web performance...

New Podcast - The Path to Performance by @lara_hogan

A podcast for everyone dedicated to making websites faster.

Rendering Performance by @aerotwist

Paul Lewis has added a nice new section added to Google's Web Fundamentals project, for optimizing performance.

Web Performance Impacts by @DareBoost

A high level overview of the impacts of web performance. Sure to be useful when translating to the non-technical crowd.

Etsy's Q1 2015 Site Performance Report by @etsy

Spring has finally arrived, which means it’s time to share our Site Performance Report for the first quarter of 2015.

Inlining critical CSS for first-time visits by @adactio

Some tips on how to implement critical CSS inline to boost your above-the-fold load time.


Grab a coffee, pretend to do some work, but secretly watch these awesome videos...

Real Metrics for Front-end Performance by @benschwarz

Building a super-performant front-end is far harder and more intensive than making onLoad or onDomReady happen quicker — After you've removed 'blocking scripts', what do you do?

#webperf Tweeps

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1. Lara Hogan @lara_hogan

Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy. Author of Designing for Performance. Feminist.

2. Matt Shull @TheMattShull

FEWD & AngularJS Mentor at Thinkful / Web Producer for aristotlebuzz / Internaut Extraordinaire

3. Ben Schwarz @benschwarz

I build things for the web. Team member of CSSConfAU. I'm building calibreapp & I bless the rains down in Africa.


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Here's a Twitter list of everyone featured in this month's newsletter:

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- Andy Shora @andyshora

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